Kate Neeley, contributing writer

Have you ever dreamed of enjoying a chocolate chip cookie that is actually good for you? Or does your lifestyle or health require you to cut gluten or sugar, essentially limiting your dessert options to air, or … something un-delicious? Then read on.

Brennan Terry’s mission in creating Num Gourmet Desserts is to “take the guilt out of treating yourself.” She wants to make sure that no dessert-lovers are left behind, regardless of their dietary restrictions. “My goal for this whole thing was to get a universally loved treat that every American could get, and every American could have on their table.”

A self-proclaimed sweet lover herself, Brennan knows firsthand how easy it is to fall off the wagon of healthy eating when it means cutting the sweets you love. When she made the decision two years ago to eat Keto, a high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet, as a way to improve her own health, you would never have guessed that it would lead to a fast-growing successful business that is bringing uniquely wonderful treats and smiles to people across the nation.

At the time, Brennan was determined to find a way to create a dessert that fit into her Keto lifestyle to ensure that she would be able to stay committed. “I turned my kitchen into a mad scientist’s lab,” she said with a laugh. There were loads of different types of sweeteners, coconut, and almond flours, and other ingredients surrounding the stove and countertops as she experimented with baking.

“If anyone has tried to bake with specialty ingredients, it’s hard because the flours absorb moisture differently … I’m excited to take that step out of it for people because I’ve spent so long working on my stuff, and I know it’s good.” Initially, Brennan knew that if her kids and husband liked a dessert, it would pass with anyone. But, thousands of happy customers later, her wildly successful business speaks for itself.

Originally, Num Gourmet Desserts was known as Oh Keto Donuts and began with four different recipes Brennan designed herself. One day she took the bold, brave step to sell her donuts to the public.

The day she launched her business using social media as a vehicle, Brennan got her business app all set on her phone to receive online orders and headed out to dinner with her family, wondering if any orders would come through. To alert her, the app would make a ‘ping’ sound when an order came through. Part-way through dinner, she heard one, then another, and not long after, it started pinging nonstop.

So many orders came in that she immediately reached out and hired several people and rented the industrial-sized kitchen at Bridgerland Technology College. What began with four different donuts has now grown and expanded to include a large variety of delicious brownies, cookies, donuts, and even granola. This won’t be the end of it, either.

She is constantly working to develop even more options. The amazing thing is that Brennan’s treats reach a wide audience of people who normally have to bow out of the decadent dessert scene, including people with celiac, gluten-intolerance, diabetes, kids with autism who do not tolerate sugar well, or people who just want to decrease added sugar in their diet and still enjoy sweets. It’s a win all around.

For this reason, Brennan saw the need to rebrand, changing the company name from Oh Keto to Num Gourmet Desserts. But why Num? It’s actually based on a happy song her mom would sing when she was enjoying eating something so much that she simply couldn’t contain her joy. Speaking of her mother, Brennan said with a smile, “She is a very expressive eater … she’s one of those people who makes sound effects when she eats.” If you’re not one of those people, try one of the Num Gourmet desserts and you will be.

Where can you find these wonderful desserts? There are a few ways. They are available to order online at numgourmetdesserts.com, with some pick-up locations along the Wasatch Front. Curiously enough, many people, including some customers, aren’t aware that Num Gourmet Desserts are made right here in Cache Valley.

Plus, here’s the best news! Num is opening a bake shop in Logan near Cafe Sabor, with doors opening to the public in July. The address is 345 Southwest Street in Logan with a signature sweet pink door. Thanks to Brennan’s hard work and innovation, now the door to the bakery is open to so many more than ever before.