written by Cami Graham, contributing writer, tidbits-cami.com

Ever find yourself daydreaming over the garden that you just can’t have … yet. Despair not, there are so many ways to enjoy the growing season, big or small. My favorite way is to use small pots or planters where I can plant flowers, herbs, and even a small amount of fruits and vegetables. I find them so easy to manage and perfect for teaching the joy of gardening to my kiddos.

After you’ve found the perfect container and planted your plants, why not take it up a notch with some darling DIY natural wood plant markers. I found these natural wood sticks at Hobby Lobby and simply used a wood burner to engrave the words right on them. Now the whole family will know exactly what plant is growing without asking you 50 times. Sanity saved!


Natural wood sticks, or popsicle sticks, paint stir sticks … whatever you want.

Wood Burner: No need to spend much on one with a ton of features. You only need a very basic tool. I found mine at Hobby Lobby.

Pencil: If you want to trace the lettering on first.


If you are worried about making big mistakes, trace the lettering onto your sticks with a pencil before you start burning.

Heat your wood burner and then use light, even pressure to burn the lettering into the wood.

If you mess up a bit, just embrace the rustic organic look of these plant markers. You could even let your kids help you!

If you need more detailed instruction, or like to learn with video, check out my blog at tidbits-cami.com. I’m also sharing tips for successful container herb gardening.