Emily Buckley, editor in chief


Nathan Pacheco will bring his gift of music back to Cache Valley this holiday season with the concert Nathan Pacheco Christmas on December 20 at the Logan High School Auditorium.

Nathan is a Billboard #1 artist known for capturing the spirit of the season and delivering inspirational, moving performances of holiday favorites, love songs, and songs of encouragement and hope.

“I can’t wait for this concert,” Nathan said. “I’m looking forward to it for two reasons: I absolutely love Cache Valley. I think it is one of the prettiest places that exists, and two, it is just great to have shows happening again.”

Since the pandemic began, Nathan along with most other performing artists, has missed performing. “I was able to do a few things here or there, private events and online events,” Nathan said, “but all full-on shows in theaters died and are just starting to happen again.”

He says it was incredible to be home more with his family and not be on the road so much. “I wrote like crazy during that time. I channeled everything I was feeling into writing new music that will be released next year. There are some crazy times being in the music biz, but that is part of the adventure and it gives added dimension to the art of music and performing. It gives heart and emotion to the things that I sing about.”

Nathan says his favorite Christmas song to sing is O Holy Night. “I absolutely love that song, not only because of its message, but also because the music is glorious, and it just builds throughout the song until the climatic high note at the end. A close second is Silver Bells, a simple ballad of a song.”

Nathan’s mother was a piano teacher, and he was immersed in classical piano and violin lessons early as a child. By high school he was seriously studying voice and singing, continuing down that path while attending and graduating from Brigham Young University’s (BYU) music program, but still he wasn’t confident that his career would be performing. During his time at BYU, Nathan listened to a speech by Elder Jeffrey Holland, former BYU president and a leader in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

“Elder Holland spoke about dreaming and professed that God is anxiously waiting for the chance to answer prayers and fulfill dreams, but you have to pray, you have to dream, you have to believe,” Nathan said. “I was definitely moved by his words and it kind of gave me the courage to take leap of faith after leap of faith.”

Nathan’s career has taken him around the world. “It has been adventure after adventure, and I am so grateful I followed my dream,” he said. “Early on, my focus was on singing in the most beautiful theaters with the most incredible singers, which is very fulfilling, but as time goes by my focus has shifted. There is so much fulfillment that my family brings to my life.”

Nathan says one of his “quirks” is that he prefers to sing on full stomach. “That may catch a few people by surprise, because many people don’t love to eat before they perform, but I actually love it,” he said. “It helps me feel like I am supporting against something and helps me hit the high notes.”

So where will he eat while in Cache Valley? He says he is looking forward to dinner at Elements while he is in town. “They have incredible food. I go there every time I’m in town.”

Tickets for Nathan Pacheco Christmas are available now at nathanpacheco.com/shows.