by April Berezay, creator of My Best Life and NASM CPT/Freemotion Trainer

April-4Children LOVE to engage in their environment. They learn to experience emotions and expressions from their parents at a very young age. They learn to smile from us. They learn to laugh from us. They learn how to keep going and never give up. Our example of physical activity is also important.

As a mother of three boys (including twins), I get to experience love on a deep level with three kinesthetic learners. They thrive through constant physical activity and discovery.

Family fitness is an opportunity to connect with each other. We teach our children how to find time to journal, exercise, meditate and release. These habits help families build a deep reservoir of spiritual strength.

Family fitness creates opportunities to put away distractions. I know that as I make time to nourish our family with nutrient-dense foods and plan fun activities to exercise, our family goals become more clear and I can serve with more love.

I have learned the value of saying no to things that would derail our family goals. My husband teaches with added strength as he takes time to maintain his health. We intentionally align our energy and focus around health and well being.

Last summer my family ran a mile-and-a-half race on Pioneer Day at Willow Park. Emotion stirred my heart and mothering mind as I ran next to my husband and children. I got to hear them cheer each other on, I got to pace with them and slow down to run next to them, I got to tell my sons to, “not give up!”, that the finish line was in sight and that we would make it together. Many emotions and impressions about each of my children flooded my thoughts and taught me about how I could best support them throughout their lives.

Motion creates many emotions for me. We find joy in taking walks, challenging each other in pushup contests and racing one another across the field. We feel alive and empowered.

We get to create memories with our children through fitness activities, and we never forget the physical milestones they accomplish. These physical accomplishments become anchors to their souls and provide evidence to their subconscious that they are “good enough.”

The simple act of exercising creates connections to those we love most. We all crave connection, and exercise opens the door to truly teach us how to connect with who we are and who we are to become.