Malouf employees at a private screening of The Abolitionists.

Schae Richards, community editor 

The Malouf Foundation was established in 2016  by employees of the Cache Valley-based, but nationally recognized, bedding company Malouf. It was started as a way for the company to support the community and to be involved with different causes that align with their mission.

The Foundation originally focused on supporting local charities and organizations. While they still fully support these partners, they have now turned their main focus toward anti-human trafficking efforts.

Sam Malouf, Malouf founder and CEO, said he has always been interested in supporting this cause. He said human trafficking is one of the worst crimes of today.

“The more you learn, the more appalling it is,” he said. “It’s been compared to a modern-day Holocaust.”

More than 20 million people are victims of human trafficking globally each year, but only 31,600 cases have been reported over the last eight years into the National Human Trafficking Hotline, according to

While it may not seem like a pertinent issue in the United States, there are thousands of cases each year in the U.S. This issue even affects some in our local community.

“While working on the CAPSA [Citizens Against Physical and Sexual Abuse] benefit, we learned that they have provided support and counseling to survivors of human trafficking,” said Krista Karn, a Malouf Foundation board member.

Though the numbers may be surprising, Sam said it’s easy for someone to make a difference.

“I read an article that said more than 80 kids were rescued from human trafficking over the weekend,” he said. “It may not compare to the millions, but that’s 80 people.”

The Malouf Foundation has utilized their local partnerships along with other Utah-based organizations to support this cause and make a difference.

Operation Underground Railroad, a non-profit organization that also focuses on anti-human trafficking efforts, is one of their main partnerships. Malouf has collaborated with the organization for several years, providing them with bedding for their aftercare centers. They are now working more closely to put an end to human trafficking.

Last month, the Malouf Foundation held their second-annual Art for CAPSA Auction and Benefit Dinner. They raised more than $40,000 for CAPSA this year alone.

In addition, the Foundation works with The Family Place, Sleep in Heavenly Peace, Utah Foster Care and other Utah-based organizations to provide bedding for people in disastrous or transitional situations.

“It all works together really well, even though these are for different causes,” Sam said.

The Malouf Foundation continues to grow. Their next step is to promote the cause at regular market events.

In January, Malouf will release a new product line at the Las Vegas Market, and a portion of every sale will go toward anti-human trafficking efforts. Not only will they be able to raise funds, but they will also be able to share the important message with the public.

“We want to get the entire industry behind this cause,” Krista said.

The Malouf Foundation will hold its annual Warehouse Sale on Nov. 17 – 18 at their office building located on  1525 W. 2960 S. in Nibley. Ten percent of all sales will go toward the Malouf Foundation.

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