by Kate Petersen

Age Range 3-12 yrs.

This craft is a cool way to teach your child about the way secondary colors are made. All you need is a package of food coloring (just need a couple drops of the red, blue, and yellow), spoons (straws work too) to stir with, a couple of medicine droppers, and some bowls to mix the colors in. I also recommend picking up a book on colors to provide additional visuals on how primary colors mixed together create secondary colors. A couple books on color that I really like are : Mix It Up by Herve Tullet and Monsters Love Colors by Mike Austin.


First, fill up 3 bowls with a little bit of water in each. Then, let your child drop 1-2 drops of primary colored food coloring (first bowl- red, second bowl- blue, third bowl- yellow) in each bowl and have them mix up the coloring so it’s completely dissolved in each bowl. DSC00719.001JPG

Then give them 3 empty bowls and have them drop some of the red coloring + yellow coloring to make the color ORANGE, then blue + yellow coloring to make the color GREEN, then blue + red coloring to make the color PURPLE. DSC00715.001JPG

At the end of this activity, my kids really enjoyed being their own mad scientists mixing up random colors of their choice to make colors such as BROWN and BLACK!