by Marshal Garrett, superintendent of Logan City School District

Physical activity for our students is a crucial part of our educational program in the Logan City School District. Each elementary school has a physical education specialist who works with the students on healthy activities and teaches them how to play games. Students in each grade, Kindergarten through fifth, are taught specific skills from the Utah Core Curriculum that pertain to their specific needs. Students also have time to participate in outdoor activities during recess, which is held outside most of the year.


At the end of the year, the District sponsors the Fun Run, an activity for all fourth- and fifth-grade students. The students from all six of our elementary schools are bussed to Adams Park where they run around the block twice, making it a mile run. Students practice at their individual schools in order to prepare for the District run. Students from Logan High School assist and many run with the students to pace and encourage them. Prizes are given to those with the best times in both girls and boys divisions. District office workers volunteer to make ensure all of the students are safe and have a positive experience. This event is held each May. Many elementary schools hold their own runs in preparation for the District run.

During the last week of school, Mount Logan Middle School holds a biathlon for their students who have done well in citizenship areas throughout the year. This is held at the Logan outdoor pool and surrounding area. The students have a great time competing with each other in multiple events. During the school year, all students take physical education courses and are encouraged to involve themselves in intramural activities sponsored by the school. Students are continuously encouraged to become involved and active.

Students at the high school level are encouraged to become involved in after-school physical activities, from clubs or school-sponsored sports programs. Physical education classes are encouraged to develop lifelong skills and interests in activities so students do not become too sedentary. Involvement in sports programs outside of school is also encouraged.

By working together as a community, we will be able to keep options open for our youth to keep active and participate in physical activities that will benefit them for many years to come.