Young African american girl sitting in library searching information on laptop for her assignment. Young woman sitting at table surfing internet for notes for her study.Frank Schofield, superintendent, Logan City School District

All children are different. This concept, readily understood by parents, may sound simplistic, and on some level, it probably is. However, when we begin to examine all that those differences include, it becomes a much more complex idea. Children grow and develop at different rates, whether we consider their physical, emotional, social or intellectual development. Although we often cling to the idea of “average” progress in children, those who interact closely with children understand that there is no such thing as an “average” child, but rather each child progresses at their own rate, and has individual needs and strengths.

The Logan City School District strives to provide the variety of supports necessary to allow all students to progress according to their individual needs. One initiative we are excited about is our Logan High School Innovations Program. The Innovations Program provides a blend of digital and face-to-face learning opportunities for students, guided by teachers acting as mentors. Students will be able to progress through the required curriculum at their own pace, with their ability to move forward determined not by the number of assignments completed, but by the level of mastery achieved. As students work with faculty mentors to create a personalized learning plan they have the option to create more openings in their schedule, which will allow them to pursue their individualized interests, whether that includes more advanced placement classes, increased opportunities to complete technical coursework through career and technical education classes or Bridgerland Applied Technology College or more experiences with the fine arts.

The Innovations Program provides students the flexibility and support they need to take more control over their own learning, chart a personalized course for learning and develop the attitudes, behaviors and skills that will allow them to achieve success beyond high school. This program will begin at the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year. Any interested students, including incoming ninth-graders, are encouraged to contact the counseling department or the main office at Logan High for more information.

Personalized learning experiences allow each child to grow at the pace that matches their individual needs and interests. The Logan High Innovations Program is just one of the ways we strive to provide that personalization across our district, and we believe that personalization is essential to achieving our district mission of “ensuring all students leave our schools ready to create a positive future for themselves and their community.”