Chad Hewitt

Emily Buckley, editor in chief 

Providence resident Chad Hewitt is a self-taught pianist and composer whose musical interests began as a child. He says he learned to process the world and express himself by playing the piano, and would play every opportunity he could . . . any genre, anytime with anyone.

Although he had no formal training, Chad began performing publicly in high school and wrote some original music in his early 20s, but, he said, “as life goes, music got put on the back shelf while [he] focused on his family and career.” In the last couple of years, Chad has pulled the music back out and found both his own passion and the piano community’s warm reception in response to his refined “sound” of contemplative “quiet music for a noisy world.”

Chad recorded his debut album in a studio in Sedona, AZ in 2017. Unbeknownst to Chad, the owner of the recording studio submitted the album to David Nevue, the founder of Whisperings Solo Piano Radio, an online radio station that was launched in 2003 (two years prior to the launch of Pandora). The station features about 280 of the “best of the best” solo piano musicians from around the world and boasts approximately one million listeners.

David warmly received Chad’s music and has not only added him to the Solo Piano Radio playlist, but has also featured him on the front page, saying, “Chad Hewitt’s solo piano ‘Whitespace’ is more than just a promising debut album . . . it foreshadows what could be the beginning of a long and successful career. The album is truly exceptional . . . a solo piano standout . . . and if this is Hewitt’s ‘first effort,’ we simply cannot wait to hear the music yet to come. Melodic, beautiful, memorable, and emotionally satisfying.”

Chad officially released his debut album, Whitespace, in September 2017. “When I released this album, I did not have high expectations, I just really wanted to share it,” he said. “But I have been honored by the response.”

In December, Chad found out his album had been nominated for the Whisperings Album of the Year. Whitespace is one of six albums that will be judged by 10 acclaimed musicians from around the world. The winner will be announced at the Whisperings “All-Star” Concert in Seattle on March 3. There, Chad will perform alongside renowned pianists David Nevue, Michele McLaughlin, Rachel Currea, Greg Maroney, and others.

Chad will perform more locally with Michele McLaughlin the following week, on March 10, in Salt Lake City. Tickets for that event are available here.

Chad and his wife, Misty, are the parents of two kids: McKenna, 17, and Max, 10.

“Part of me returning to composing after all these years was to show my kids that if they are inspired to do something, they should go for it,” Chad said. “I was inspired to write this album.”

The Hewitt family moved to Cache Valley in 2011 when Chad took the position of head pastor of Alpine Church. He served there until January 2017. This played a part in inspiring his album as he filled the “Whitespace” of stepping out of full-time ministry.

Chad currently works full-time as a training coordinator for CAPSA.

You can listen to Whitespace on  Spotify, Pandoraor iTunes and can purchase sheet music at He offers free sheets for local piano teachers (email him at