Family preparing dinner together

by Schae Richards, community editor 

If you need gardening or recipe ideas, or perhaps some budgeting tips, you can find it all in one convenient place.

Live Well Utah is an online resource through USU Extension that educates individuals and families on a variety of topics: finances, food and nutrition, gardening and home-family relations.

“All of our information is relevant to Cache County and immediately benefits local citizens,” said Mike Whitesides, marketing director of USU Extension and CAAS Marketing and Communications. “We are trying to enrich their lives and help them make the best decisions based on the information we provide.”

The Live Well Utah blog is authored by 30 county extension agents throughout the state with expertise in different fields. It also includes related information from their sister blog, Eat Well Utah.

In March 2014, Live Well Utah was started to help distribute research-based information to residents and their families. Since its inception, it has attracted about 68,000 viewers reaching 126 countries. It continues to gain momentum along with the community’s support.

“We have been able to extend our reach beyond the borders of Utah to a world-wide audience,” Mike said.

Leah Calder, a blogger for Live Well Utah, gathers the material every month from the extension agents and puts it into a “user-friendly” format on the blog.

“Our main mission is to take the research and knowledge that extension has and create a format that a younger audience will want to read,” Leah said.

With its educative design, the blog is able to help people make healthy decisions in different aspects of their lives.

“It’s helping people have a better quality of life,” Leah said. “It’s a place where people can go that’s fun and where they can get all the information they need.”

Leah, and the other team members, encourage the community to support Live Well Utah through reading and sharing their content with others.

“We want people to recognize what we are doing — trying to promote wellness in the community,” she said. “We want people to be engaged in what we are posting, so other people know what we are doing.”

Families and individuals can also take classes on similar topics through USU Extension. Visit, or call the Cache County Extension Office at (435) 752-6263.