Photo Credit: Nicole Norris

Schae Richards, community editor

Sharma and Jed Clark, of Wellsville, never dreamed of making corn mazes or running a local attraction until it actually happened. However, it’s something they have enjoyed pursuing over the years.

In 2004, the couple decided to open a corn maze in Wellsville called Little Bear Bottoms Corn Maze. This fall marks 13 years of family fun for their family.

Sharma and Jed initially moved to Cache Valley to work with family on a sod farm. After a few years in the business, they decided to shift their focus to a new project.

What started as a simple corn maze, evolved into a bundle of fun activities for children and families. Sharma says, “It just kind of happened.”

Today, visitors can not only go through their crazy corn maze, but they can also go on a Spooky Barn Ride, walk on the Haunted River Trail or visit the pumpkin patch.

Since the beginning, Sharma and Jed have wanted to provide an authentic experience for the community. Sharma laughingly said, “We always say that we’re redneck, not high-tech.”

Little Bear Bottoms Corn Maze

While operating a corn maze was never in their plan, Sharma said they can’t imagine doing anything else.

“We love that we could bring something to the community that people can enjoy during the fall,” she said.

Cache Valley has been a great place for them to raise their family and to get involved with the community.

“It’s a family-oriented place,” she said. “Everyone takes care of each other.”

Sharma and Jed appreciate the support from the community and are grateful for their family and friends that help them each year.

They have five children and five grandchildren.

Little Bear Bottoms is open Monday-Thursday from 5 to 10 p.m., Friday from 5 to 11 p.m. and Saturday from noon to 11 p.m.  For pricing and more information, visit

From corn mazes to pumpkin patches, there’s a plethora of local events going on this time of year that your family doesn’t want to miss. Visit to see a list of local events.