Lily Jade diaper bag

Meggan Diaper Bag

Lily Jade offers products that are much more than typical diaper bags. They are the ultimate totes, purses and organizing companions, all wrapped into one fantastic product. Durable and made to last far beyond the baby years, Lily Jade bags are comprised of two pieces: the handbag itself (which comes in a variety of styles, sizes and colors) and the baby bag insert. The handbags are made of beautiful leather, canvas or a combination of the two, and they don’t have that “diaper bag” look many mothers dread. The baby bag insert takes your bag from what is often a bottomless pit to an organized container that can easily be removed if you are leaving baby with a sitter or just sneaking out and want to bring your purse, but not all your baby gear. With pockets galore, there is room to store everything you need from diapers and wipes to your wallet and car keys, and the larger-sized bags (like the Meggan pictured above) have ample space to hold supplies for moms with more than one baby in diapers, hold a laptop computer or even serve as overnight bag.

Many of the Lily Jade bags offer a hands-free option when the bag is in backpack mode, but can also be quickly converted to a shoulder or cross-body bag to fit every mom’s style and needs.

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