Hailey Westenskow, contributing writer, Lee’s Marketplace



Each year things seem to grow bigger and better — including your family and circle of loved ones. As numbers grow and new faces join the mix, the holiday season is even more cheery … and a little more stressful. With more and more mouths to feed and presents to wrap, the focus of your holiday shifts away from spending time with loved ones and instead becomes the endless hours in the kitchen. You dedicate days to preparing the perfect tablescape, meal, and activities to ensure that your holiday is one to remember. However, what is really the most important thing at the dinner table every single year? The people that sit around it, of course.

Time is a tough commodity these days — we get it! We want to make sure your time is spent cultivating relationships rather than rising bread. First, let’s talk food. Lee’s Marketplace’s decadent delicatessen is ready to take care of your holiday dinner and bring your favorite foods to you, so you don’t miss out on any of the fun. Lee’s holiday catering has the options of a traditional roasted turkey, ham, or prime rib dinner. With sides such as gravy, stuffing, cranberry sauce, harvest applesauce, butter flake rolls, Lee’s signature pie, and more, the options are plentiful to make sure you leave the dinner table feeling even more stuffed than the turkey itself.

We understand that this might be your “off year,” where only you, your spouse, and maybe a loved one or two are dining together. We’re happy to cater to every need and have options for individual dinners as well. Don’t worry, we make sure that this “individual portion” is still enough to enjoy those delicious leftovers.

Hosting is no joke, and here at Lee’s we love to go above and beyond just as much as you do. To ensure your day runs smoothly, we’ve compiled a list of five tips to make sure you’re the host with the most!

1. Prepare, prepare, prepare. Planning your meal ahead of time ensures you don’t forget any critical ingredients. One great way to do this is by first writing out the foods you’ll make, then creating an ingredient list for each of them. Cross off what you already have, and then circle what you need. Next, if there is anything you can make ahead of time, do it. Is there a pie you could bake and freeze a few days before?

2. Delegate! Are you having company bring side dishes or salads? Make sure to give them enough notice to get everything they’ll need and follow up with them. Even younger kids and teenagers can help set the table, make place cards, or come up with games.

3. Utilize every option. If you have a pressure cooker, slow cooker, or air fryer see what can be made in each to avoid using the oven for everything. This guarantees that all the food will be warm when it’s time to eat, no cold gravy at this table.

4. Make it fun! There are endless ways to keep it beautifully traditional with elements of creativity. Create fun minute-to-win-it games for kids, or even have the kids’ tablecloth be made of butcher paper with crayons ready at the table. It’s cute, fun, and makes for an easy cleanup. Instead of writing guests’ names on place cards, print out your favorite photo of them to set at their seat. For the younger audiences, have a coloring page themed around the holiday.

5. Keep it simple. When it comes to setting your table, beautiful layouts can be created from what you already have at home. Old photos are great conversation starters and sparks of nostalgia to put on the table. Lee’s corner floral can make beautiful custom arrangements for your centerpieces.

Of course, here at Lee’s we are here to help in any and every way we can. Avoid the hustle of the store and shop online. Use promo code THANKS5 to receive 5% off your next online order when you spend $30+! *

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