With a little instruction and supervision, kids of all ages can help in the kitchen. This not only provides them with lifelong skills, but also gives them opportunity to contribute to the family, learn about healthy living, gain confidence, and have fun!

Cache Valley Family Magazine, Lee’s Marketplace, and Love to Cook have joined forces for a Kids Test Kitchen to inspire local families to spend time together preparing and enjoying nutritious food. Start with something as simple as “Fancy Toast,” and see that your kids are capable of becoming chefs in their own right.

FANCY TOAST: Start with the good stuff! Whole wheat bread is always your healthiest option — packed with FIBER, VITAMINS, MINERALS, and PROTEIN.

AVOCADO TOAST: Smash avocado and a squeeze of lime on toast, top with salt and pepper (add a little garlic powder if you dare!).

EGG-CELLENT TOAST: Prepare your egg how you like — scrambled, fried, or boiled — add salt and pepper and a slice of ham.

GREEK GODDESS TOAST: Spread Greek yogurt on toast and drizzle honey on top.

GO BANANAS TOAST: Spread your favorite nut butter on toast, slice bananas and put them on top of the butter; sprinkle cinnamon.

SWEET TREAT: Spread Nutella over toast, slice strawberries, and put them on top of the Nutella.