Valerie Daines, contributing writer

The long-awaited, best time of year in Cache Valley is here! As the flowers bloom and everything turns green, the outdoor adventures begin. Cache Valley is full of beautiful hikes! It can be difficult to know where to begin, especially with little kids. Grab your backpack and prepare for an adventure full of fun, discovery, and child-directed detours with these suggested hikes.

Remember the essentials when hiking with young kids: snacks, plenty of water, diapers/wipes, sunscreen, and a pack to carry all that in.

Helpful Tip: Embarking on a hike with toddlers or babies might sound intimidating. A helpful tip is to think of it as an adventure that isn’t just about reaching a destination. Toddlers are great at helping us slow down and literally smell the roses, dandelions, and anything else that catches their eye. You’ll find yourself watching more of the world with them as they stop to examine bugs, collect rocks, and throw sticks. Through their eyes, every step can be a memorable one.

These memories will last beyond the scraped knees and muddy shoes. Enjoy this season of fresh air and beautiful views with your little loves!