by Schae Richards, community editor

Family is important to Jonathan Johnson.

Jonathan, 2016 Utah Governor candidate, will tie his family and business principles together to build leaders and businesses in Utah.

Jonathan and Courtney Johnson

He and his wife Courtney have always taught their children to be independent, allowing them to make their own decisions and manage the consequences.

“We empower our kids to make their own choices,” Jonathan said. “We want to do the same thing in the community.”

Jonathan relates this principle to education, hoping to give more local control over curriculum and management.

Through this change, he hopes communities will be able to self-govern items, such as teacher compensation and hiring decisions.

“We want to take the government out of things where people can make their own decisions,” he said.

Jonathan and Courtney also stress service in their home.

“We have taught our children to have compassion for people and to serve others in more organic situations,” Courtney said.

Johnson Family

Similarly, Jonathan wishes to serve the people by finding out what’s important to them and helping them achieve their goals.

“I’m trying to be a public servant,” he said. “…I want to make Utah better for my kids and for other people’s kids – to make it a better place to raise a family.”

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