Leticia Shifflet

Executive officer, Cache Valley Association of REALTORS®

When discussing elements of home design things like paint, cabinets, landscaping, and décor are usual topics of conversation, but new, younger homeowners and buyers are changing the dialogue.

Real estate professionals are noting an increase in potential buyers and current owners who are making sustainability a priority. More and more homeowners are putting priority on purchasing home products that reduce waste while looking for ways to reuse and recycle within their

This focus on sustainability has been an upward trend that gained momentum during the pandemic—as people spend more time in their homes, they look for smart home technology and ways to lower their costs and impact on the environment.

Sustainable design ranges from refinishing existing furniture and fixture —instead of buying new—to installing solar energy and using passive cooling. Homeowners are putting a priority on reducing the maintenance requirements of their homes while choosing methods, products, and
systems that support the longevity of their communities, with an intentional focus on environmental preservation through responsibly sourced materials.

Any space and aesthetic can incorporate
sustainable design. Reclaimed wood flooring,
recycled tiles, vintage fixtures, and repurposed pieces are all popular examples. For those interested in prioritizing sustainable design, find a licensed REALTOR® who can be a source of valuable information for you before, during, and after a home sale. A REALTOR® can help
you source local, sustainable elements, and can guide you to make educated decisions and avoid common marketing tricks from corporations looking to take advantage of consumers.

Take steps to incorporate circular design into your home, which seeks to extend the lifetime of a material, which is designed to simplify future reuse and recycling— ensuring multiple uses. Work with a REALTOR® to find homes that meet your needs and are aligned with your priorities,
help you save money, and make the most of your space.