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Jordyn Haroldsen, contributing writer 

With Christmas just around the corner, you may start to realize how many people you would like to do something for. While it may seem daunting, it is possible to give gifts without overwhelming yourself. Here are some ideas to make your holidays a little easier.

Gift Ideas for Neighbors
Your neighbors are sure to be thankful for a tube of wrapping paper and Scotch tape to help them finish up their own gift giving. Instead of adding to their pile of Christmas sweets, you might think about giving the gift of a dinner they don’t have to cook, and bring over a pot of soup and some rolls. Another thoughtful gift is some new hand soap and a bottle of hand sanitizer, which is always useful during the winter months.

Of course nobody ever said a gift had to be practical. An entertainment gift could be a box of popcorn and a Redbox code so your neighbors can have a movie night. They might even have fun with the makings for a gingerbread house for them to decorate. Think of something your neighbors can use to treat themselves, and your gift is sure to be a success.

Gift Ideas for Teachers
Teachers have a huge impact on your children, and the holidays are a wonderful time to show a little appreciation. Although most teachers will graciously accept another plate of cookies or a coffee mug with “World’s Best Teacher” emblazoned across it, there may be other gifts that would be put to better use.

Consider giving boxes of Kleenex or bottles of hand sanitizer. These are things most classrooms quickly run out, of and many teachers will supply these items for the entire class at their own expense. If you’re unsure of what would be most helpful, consider getting a gift card where they can get what their classroom needs the most.

A group gift might take a little more planning, but it would make a memorable holiday for your child’s teacher. If 20 families from the class could each give $5, they would be able to present the teacher with a gift card or donation valued at $100. The gift should be presented from the whole class, whether each family was able to contribute or not. It may be helpful to check with your school’s office when coordinating such a gift.

A simple, but meaningful, gift could be a note or card from your child. You may also consider writing a note to their teacher. Be specific and tell them a few favorite memories your child has of their class, or something your child has learned from them. These are the most cherished gifts a teacher can ever receive.

The best thing you can do this holiday season is to let the people in your life know they are appreciated. Neighbors and teachers may be able to get by without treats and gifts, but everyone loves a little encouragement.