Hamid Salehi owns and operates Logan Heroes in Downtown Logan.

Tara Bone, contributing writer 

Hamid Salehi has been serving up signature sandwiches and one-of-a-kind conversation at Logan’s Heroes on the corner of Main Street and 100 South for 30 years.  

On July 5, 1988, Hamid and his best friend Ara Shahbazian opened Logan’s Heroes with hopes of success. Since that day, Hamid has worked every day behind the sandwich counter except holidays and two sick days to keep the doors open. Hamid said he’s kept customers coming back with quality food and good customer service.

“[Logan’s Heroes] is like my house, I’ll treat you like my guest — you’re not just a customer, but my guest,” he said.  When people walk in they can tell by your body language if you’re happy to see them, and I’m happy to see them all; they’re my friends. All my friends come and visit me every day.”

There are “friends” who have been coming to see Hamid since 1988. They come for a good sandwich and good conversation. Hamid said he knows 65 percent of his guests’ first names. He knows their spouses and kids, and even their grandkids who are starting to come in, too.

Dennis Jensen, of Mendon, is one of these friends who’s been coming to Logan’s Heroes for 30 years. Dennis says he’s been in at least once a month over those years and orders the Old Smokey sandwich every time.

“I never get tired of it,” Dennis said. “It’s a good sandwich with a lot of meat, and I like [Hamid] and his company.”

With a laugh Dennis adds, “It hasn’t changed in 30 years, but Hamid was a lot skinnier back then.”

Dennis said his sons come into the shop, too. Families seem to be common at Logan’s Heroes. Hamid said over the years he’s watched couples from Logan High School who come in for lunch and eventually marry and now bring in their children.  

One of these couples is Mike and Christina Hale from Wellsville. Mike says they started coming in 20 years ago and keep coming back for Hamid and the awesome food. They bring in their three children now.

“He greets everybody by first name and asks how everyone is doing,” Mike said. “He knows my whole family — my dad, siblings, grandpa, and kids.”

Hamid takes his friendships with customers seriously. He says he feels more comfortable at Logan’s Heroes than anywhere else and appreciates his friendships. He has friends who have moved to all the parts of the country and when he retires, he plans to visit them.

Logan’s Heroes opened in July 5, 1988.

Logan’s Heroes usually has newspapers available to read. Hamid said his loves the news and though he doesn’t have time for a computer or Internet, he must read the newspaper. Hamid is always ready to talk with customers about current events, their problems, or just listen.  

“We talk about their families, their problems — all these things they open their heart and tell me,” Hamid said. “I’m like a bartender! I say nothing, I know nothing; whatever is said at Logan’s Heroes stays at Logan’s Heroes.”    

Hamid also takes the quality of food he serves his customers seriously. He said he brings buns in from Shaffer House Bakery, vegetables from local sources, and cheese from Gossners. He’s been cooking for his friends even before 1988.

Hamid came to Logan as a 20-year-old from Iran to study accounting at Utah State University. He said during this time he liked to cook for friends, and they started to ask him to cook for them more frequently. He said he realized he didn’t want to work for someone else, so he decided to open Logan’s Heroes.

Over the years, he’s realized that the best part of Logan is the friendly and honest people. He said it doesn’t feel like it’s been 30 years of serving the people of Cache Valley. He hopes to sell Logan’s Heroes and retire in the next few years, spending his time volunteering at the food pantry and delivering “Meals on Wheels” so he can keep talking to people.  

Hamid says the biggest change he’s seen in Logan is the community’s immense growth. But one thing hasn’t changed in 30 years. Locals have been able to count on Logan’s Heroes on Main Street with Hamid behind the counter making sandwiches, sharing laughs, discussing current events, and offering a listening ear.  

Hamid has some parting advice: “Stop and smell the roses because life is too short, and you never know when your number is up.”

Hamid and his best friend Ara Shahbazian at the opening of Logan Heroes.