by Janelle Simmons, owner, The Organizing Company of Cache ValleyHabits of an Organized Person

In this series, I have already written about making organizing a priority in our lives and thinking through what we bring into our homes. Now let’s talk about what is already in our homes. We have to start somewhere and whenever I start an organizing project in my home, I like to imagine how I want the space to be. I think about what I like and what I don’t like about my current situation. So, for just a moment, I want you to imagine your own home. What do you love about it? What sort of thoughts and feelings come to your mind as you think about your home? Is there an area in your home that you think is a bit out of control and you wish functioned better? Do you have stuff that is just taking over the space? Does it need a complete overhaul or does it just need a little attention to get it to where you want it?

With that area in mind, I want you to create a vision of what that space looks like if it were functioning the way you want it to. What items are in that space? With that vision in place, sort through your stuff. If there is anything in that space that does not fit into your vision, you need to put it someplace else, recycle it, donate it or trash it.

Are you having a hard time coming up with a vision? Take a look at your stuff. What do you see? Group similar items together so you can see the breadth and depth of what you have. Now take a look at your home. Where do you use this stuff? Do you have room for all of it? How often do you access this stuff? How you answered these questions will influence where you put your things.

Another way to create your vision is to think about your life. What sort of activities do you love to do? What activities do you need to do? Now go about creating the vision of your home based on the activities you love or need. If you are holding on to things that you don’t love or need, give those things away or trash them. Most likely, you are not the only person who lives in your home; you need to take what other people love into account too. It can get a bit tricky but you can do it!  Also take note that your vision will likely change with time and circumstances. Allow your space to change and reflect where you are currently in life.