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Are you searching for the perfect gift? During the holidays, we are often faced with choices that are costly, lack quality, or may be underappreciated. So, how do we find the perfect gift? If a child is on your list to shop for, here are three cost-free options that will last a lifetime and build precious memories. They can also give your child an educational advantage by developing oral language skills, expanding vocabulary, and encouraging a lifetime love of reading. These are the gifts of conversation, reading time, and example.

Language development begins at birth and continues throughout a person’s life. As we talk and interact with children and teenagers, language is strengthened and improved. This directly predicts their success in reading. Opportunities for conversation can include driving in a car, building a snowman, eating together, or hundreds of other everyday moments. During these activities, take the time to talk to your children and teenagers. Setting aside time to discuss the world around them will strengthen your child’s oral language development and build lasting relationships.

Reading with an adult is a great activity for all children, especially those who are learning to read. To promote reading, be sure to have a variety of books and other materials available. As you read to and with your child, they will come to associate reading with warm, happy memories.

Your child looks like you, speaks likes you, and watches everything you do. Children naturally mimic what they see and are drawn to those activities. As children observe the adults in their life choosing to read for enjoyment, they begin to appreciate reading as well. Reading helps them to explore the world and understand the world around them.