Emily Buckley, editor in chief

Do you have a baby, toddler, or a parent-to-be on your holiday shopping list this season? The experts at Stork Landing in Downtown Logan have curated a list of the best gifts out. Stop in and shop local; with free gift wrapping and an area where children can play while parents shop, the Stork Landing experts can help take the stress out of your holiday preparations.


Must-Haves for the Mom-to-Be:
  1. Pregnancy Wedge: This is a firm wedge that is compact so she can use it for her belly or back while sitting up or sleeping.
  2. Body Pillow: Provides complete head-to-toe support with contour design that follows the body line.
  3. Glider: A relaxing place to comfort and bond with baby. Come in to see a variety of styles and designs.
  4. Memory Book: Parents can revisit precious memories by recording the daily occurrences of their little ones.
  5. Halo Bassinest: Babies have their own space, right next to mom. This bassinet makes baby very accessible and comfortable.
Must-Haves for New Babies:
  1. Pello: This USA-made floor pillow/mat is portable and designed to grow with the child, making it perfect for every stage.
  2. Owlet Smart Sock: This system connected to a sock monitors baby’s heart rate and oxygen, allowing parents to rest easy.
  3. Toys: This Pop-Up Piano entertains for hours as children are mesmerized by music and bursts of fun.
  4. Books: Start your baby with board book versions of classic literature.
  5. Wubbanub: This gadget provides the comfort of both a pacifier and a cuddly animal all at once.
Must-Haves for Toddlers:
  1. Lawn Toys: Toddlers love pretending to be just like mom and dad.
  2. Jaq Jaq Bird Chalk: This book comes with mess-free chalk for easy reuse and is perfect for waiting rooms and travel.
  3. Ice Cream Cone Factory: Let your child make and dispense their own ice cream on a cone.
  4. Snail Ball: Babies love to move around, finding the ball and popping it back into the snails mouth for endless fun.
  5. Jaw Bones: This buildable art toy entertains toddlers and big kids as they create animals, robots, art sculptures, and more.