fp11There are a lot of baby moccasins out there, designed to be great starter shoes for learning-to-walk babies, but there is not one that I (a mother of four) have seen be as high quality and as comfortable as Freshly Picked.

Freshly Picked moccasins for kids are soft and stylish. The company’s owner Susan Peterson, from Provo, landed a deal with Damon on Shark Tank after making her start with just $200 she earned by smashing the windows out of frames one summer so she could take the frames in and earn some extra money. She used the money to buy some scrap leather and developed her shoes and brand from the ground up. It is an amazing story of industry and entrepreneurism by a talented woman, and the result is a fantastic product. What’s not to love?

The shoes come in a huge variety of colors including bright, bold and neutral, giving you options to match your child’s entire wardrobe. They are unisex and made in sizes 1-10. While some are made of leather, others are made of suede, and they have a size chart on their site that you can print and compare to your child’s foot to ensure you are ordering the right size and getting a perfect fit.

Freshly Picked moccasins are very easy to get on and off, require no lacing, and, best of all, they feature a built in elastic band that is stretchy, but secure, to keep the shoes on your little one’s feet  They have soft soles, but are durable enough to play indoors or out in all season. In our opinion, they are the perfect shoe for babies and toddlers.
Lucky for you, Freshly Picked has agreed to GIVE AWAY one pair of Freshly Picked moccasins to one Cache Valley Family Magazine reader. Just like our Facebook page and comment on the post that links to this review with a tag of  two friends, then you are entered to win. The winner will be selected Tuesday, September 9!