Schae Richards, community editor

Katie Ball, The Flower Shoppe

It’s not just about the flowers, it’s about making memories. Katie Ball and Carrie Young have made this their customer philosophy for the last 10 years.

The Flower Shoppe located on 202 S. Main Street in Logan has hundreds of beautiful fresh flowers from all over the world. Their roses come from South America, their tulips from Holland and other flowers coming from different exotic countries. Transported first by plane then by truck, they receive a shipment of fresh flowers multiple times a week.

Co-owners Katie and Carrie along with their five employees make it a priority to create artistic and unique floral arrangements for their customers. Being an all-occasion flower shop, they make arrangements for a wide-variety of events from weddings, to funerals, to engagements, any occasion you might need flowers. Plants, terrariums and home decor are also available for purchase at their shop.

Katie has been a florist for 17 years. She began working for The Flower Shoppe when she was a student at Utah State University. Katie paid her way through school by working at the Flower Shoppe before, in between and after her classes. It was during this time that she also found her passion.

Katie finished her degree in social work and after a year of field work she soon realized that flowers were her real passion.   “Once flowers are in your blood, you can never go back,” she said.  “I love my job; I am happy to be in a field where I can help people every day.”

The first bridal bouquet Katie ever made was for her own wedding. Since then she and Carrie have made thousands of arrangements for people and their special moments. “We are able to make flower arrangements that make the best moments in life a little sweeter, and the worst moments in life a little better” she said. “We have celebrated and have also cried with our customers.”

Katie said the community has always been supportive of their business. “Carrie and I appreciate all those who buy local and support us.” While they frequently have new customers coming into their shop, they also have their regular customers whose needs they know well. “We know our customers and what they like.” Katie said. “Whenever we get something new we think ‘This person would like this.’”

When asked about the most rewarding part of being a florist, she said she loves helping customers and being a part of their important life moments.