Breanne and her three children

photo by Britt Cascio

After a fun summer, it seems we all need a little structure back in our lives. With the kids back to school, there is one thing a mom can count on: busy schedules full of homework, carpools, PTA meetings and more.

I have found that if I try to keep some routine in my own life, it helps me stay on top of all other aspects of my life. If I do just a few simple things each day, I’m more organized at home, which makes all the difference in my ability to juggle the demands of a busy schedule.

Here is a five-step routine that I try to complete each day. Since I have started doing these things, I have noticed a big difference in my days. When I’m able to do all five things, my day is much more productive and goes more smoothly. It also leaves me feeling more organized and prepared for the next day.

  1. Make your bed. Making your bed puts you in a great place to start your day because it has a big pay off by automatically making your room look cleaner. I feel like it adds a boost of productivity to your day. It’s so quick to do and will start you on the right foot.
  2. Have a to-do list. I like to make a short list of the most important things for me to accomplish each day. I keep it to three to five things. I know we all have a million things to do each day, but that can be overwhelming. Keep the list small so you can actually complete it.
  3. Do a load of laundry. Run a load of laundry each morning. I still need to have a laundry day during the week, but this allows me to get sheets and towels washed, or an extra load of kids clothes in so when I do laundry it is not a huge ordeal. 
  4. Take a few minutes of “me time.” It may seem funny to have this on the list, but it is essential to a successful day for me. It doesn’t need to be long, but I usually need 20-30 minutes by myself around 2 or 3 p.m. I turn on a show for my kids and I don’t feel bad about it. I need to recharge my batteries, and having a little down time helps give me the energy I need to be the mom I want/need to be for the rest of the night.
  5. Clean the kitchen before bed. This may be last on the list, but it is one of the most important. I never skip this step. Once the kids are in bed, I give myself 30 minutes to clean the kitchen. I don’t attempt to pick up the entire house, but having a clean kitchen makes all the difference. It helps me go to bed feeling prepared and ready to start the next day.

These five things help me feel like I’m able to accomplish life’s daily tasks while staying on top of my kid’s busy schedules. I hope they will work for you too.