written by Cami Graham, contributing writer, tidbits-cami.com

Open your windows, push up your sleeves, and bust out the tunes! Spring is the best time of year to freshen up your home and breathe new life into every corner. I want to share my favorite affordable and easy go-to tips when it comes to renewing your spaces at the change of the season.

Start with a good clean. How deep you want to go is entirely up to you, but it will feel nice to clean up the winter grime. Scrub the windows, mop the floors, and put away bulky winter items. You can even clean the air by diffusing some fresh smelling essential oils like lemon, lime, orange, and grapefruit.

Wash and swap linens. Bedding, curtains, slipcovers, and other linens can hang onto a lot of dust. Go all out and wash every linen to make your home smell fresh. You can also swap out linens with new fresh colors that make it feel like spring to you.

Add touches of spring décor. No need to store loads

of seasonal spring decor. Make simple swaps by changing out throw pillows and blankets in a spring color scheme. A few houseplants make a big difference and you can even swap out some art to give your eyes something fresh to look at.

Update closets and wardrobes. This is a fun project to involve the kiddos in. Put away bulky sweaters and prepare for warmer weather. I find that sorting through every closet in the house opens up physical and mental space to enjoy more time outdoors.

Add fresh flowers. To top off all your refreshing efforts, treat yourself with some fresh flowers. Whether you choose to pick upsome affordable grocery store flowers, or clip them fresh from the garden, nothing feels better than a clean house with a fresh bouquet of delightful florals.