by Kate Petersen

Herm's Inn

Every time I have the pleasure of eating at Herm’s Inn, I’m always left with the same feeling: we are SO LUCKY to have this place in our community! Having been recently restored, you’re sure to notice the eclectic and cool vibe of this restaurant (a la motorcycle hanging on the wall), and will be delighted with their fresh and tasty menu offering breakfast and lunch.

Herm’s Inn (located at 1435 Canyon Road) has actually been in Cache Valley since the early 1900’s. As shared on their website, Herman “Herm” and his wife, Elizabeth “Lizzy,” Johnson built Herm’s Inn as a place for travelers to rest. The couple lived upstairs while running the inn, but due to the many thirsty and hungry travelers who came through, they later decided to transition it to a gas station, general store and diner. With their location on Canyon Road (the old Highway 89), Herm’s Inn was literally travelers first, or last chance to eat before going through the canyon, hence their still-current motto of: “Last chance for great food.”

Herm’s Inn’s interesting past doesn’t stop there…read on for a Q&A with Ryan Bird, one of Herm’s Inn’s restaurant owners. You’ll learn how the new Herm’s Inn came to be and what you can expect to be served up during your next trip through Canyon Road.

Whose idea was it to re-open Herm’s Inn?

Jim Laub (the building owner) had the vision to see the building restored. He wanted it to be something positive for the community instead of an empty dilapidated building.

The interior space is very unique. Who designed it?

The interior design was again a collaborative effort between Jim and Carol Laub, their architect Robert McArthur, JayDee Barr and the restaurant owners.

Why is it just open for breakfast and lunch?

My business partner and I felt there was a need for a breakfast/lunch spot in Logan. Breakfast in my opinion is one of the most social meals of the day. We have so many regulars who come in on a weekly basis and it is great to see them talking to other tables and getting to know a little bit about their lives. You get a real sense of community on busy days here at Herm’s.

Who came up with the menu?

The menu design was a collaborative effort between our chefs and the two owners. Specials are determined a variety of ways. The most common factor is what ingredients are in season or what we can acquire from local farmers and producers. For instance, Barney our head chef heads out to the Farmer’s Market every Saturday to collect ingredients for our Sunday special. We even source mushrooms from a local who forages for them up Logan Canyon. Many of our specials come from our employee’s creative minds. We encourage the staff to be creative. The specials do not typically rotate on any set schedule. It is actually pretty rare that you will see the same special repeated in the same year. 

Who is the current head chef?

Our current head chef is Barney Northrop. He has many years of culinary experience and we are very lucky to have him. His passion for food has helped Herm’s become what it is today.

What menu items are the most popular?

Our most popular menu items include house-made biscuits and gravy, giant cinnamon swirl pancakes, and our specials are always a big hit.

How can people find you?

Our website is We also regularly post on Facebook about upcoming community events hosted at Herm’s as well as our current daily specials.