Wil Wood, owner, Love to Cook

With a little instruction and supervision, kids of all ages can help in the kitchen. This not only provides them with lifelong skills, but also gives them opportunity to contribute to the family, learn about healthy living, gain confidence, and have fun!

Cache Valley Family Magazine, Lee’s Marketplace and Love to Cook have joined forces for a Kids Test Kitchen to inspire local families to spend time together preparing and enjoying nutritious food.

Unlike lucky charms, which are merely “magically delicious,” these pancakes are festive, nutritious, and delicious. Plus, they fulfill one of the Wood Family mantras: “Never not have fun.”

If you’re reading this, it’s obviously important to you to cook with children. When cooking with our kids, we always try to keep things safe and fun. Over time the younger generation starts to take more notice of our processes and ingredients, so why not take every opportunity to nourish them as well as enjoy?

This trick can be used for both waffles and pancakes. We love Krusteaz mixes, so we usually use their whole grain pancake mix. For every cup of water used in the recipe we throw in one handful of fresh baby spinach. We put the water in our power blender, Blendtec or Vitamix work best, and blend the water and spinach until it’s smooth. The point is to obliterate the spinach, so it makes a nice color, but doesn’t change the texture. Simply add the blended spinach and water as the water part of the pancake mix, and then cook on a griddle. The result: great, green-colored pancakes or waffles.

We have a fun squeeze bottle with a silicone tip on it that dispenses the batter so we can drag batter across the pan to draw Christmas trees, dinosaurs, or write names. It’s that easy. Remember, never not have fun!