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Season with Salt, Pepper, and Family

Season with Salt, Pepper, and Family Macie Staheli, contributing writer   Kim Winward is not only senior vice president at American Secure Title Insurance Agency here in Cache Valley, she is also a hard-working wife and mom of two teenage girls. With memories and...

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Holiday Magic for All Ages

By Tara Bone, Contributing Writer AFTER THE BIRTH of our fourth son, I happily answered the typical questions: Yes, we have all boys; yes, I’m OK with that (truly); and yes, there are 10 years between our youngest and new baby. All usual questions, until one random...

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Experience a Bit of Christmas Nostalgia at Bluebird Candy

By  Emily Buckley, editor in chief WITH THE GRAND reopening of Center Street in Downtown Logan scheduled for the end of November, this holiday season is going to be the perfect time to experience some Christmas nostalgia as you stroll by the candy windows on display...

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Cut a Tree, Create a Memory

One Cache Valley Family is Growing a Tradition at Adam’s Acres   by Emily Buckley, editor in chief Adam Burris, of Petersboro, has fond memories of childhood Christmases in Spokane, Washington, that were highlighted by cutting down fresh Christmas trees, bringing...

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Realtors are Good Neighbors

By Emily Merkley, association executive, Cache Valley Association of REALTORS WHEN IT'S TIME to buy or sell a house, you look for somebody who knows the neighborhood, knows the market, and who might give you a leg up on the competition. A REALTOR is just that person....

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How and Why to Teach Children Self-Advocacy

By Frank Schofield, superintendent, Logan City School AS CHILDREN GROW and develop, they invariably encounter challenges. These can be particularly visible and frustrating when they relate to a child’s performance in school. In response to these challenges, caregivers...

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Strengthening Student Mental Health

Stable Relationships, Safe Spaces, and Mindfulness By Cache County School District, Public Information Office BEING A KID is harder than it looks. Children are constantly learning, growing, and overcoming obstacles, all while dealing with their quickly developing...

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Outstanding Service Award

Cache Valley Food Pantry Launches New Program for Schools By Tara Bone, contributing writer EACH YEAR, Cache Valley Family Magazine honors an organization or individual with the Outstanding Community Service Award for significant contributions to our community. This...

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Do it For Dave: Local Father Battles Leukemia

On November 28, 2018 the Bender family, of Benson, received news that turned their lives upside down: Dave, husband to Loni, and father to Abby (14), Brooklyn (11), and Samantha (10), was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML), a rare form of cancer that starts...

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Episode 40 | Dr. David Schramm

Jenny Mathews Contributing Writer Professor David Schramm, or “Dr. Dave” as he is more well known, loves to study and present on the topics of happy marriages and families. In our previous interview (episode 4), we discussed how it becomes more complicated to create a...

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