Courtesy of My Girlfriend’s Quilt Shoppe


Tall and Skinny:

holiday craft

2 fat quarters 3/8 yard Soft and Stable (14” x 20” for one basket)

Short and Fat:

2 fat quarters 3/8 yard Soft and Stable (10” x 21.5” for one basket)


1. Cut each fat quarter to measure 14” x 20” for a tall and skinny basket or 10“ x 21.5” for a short and fat basket. Set aside the remaining piece left over.

2. Cut Soft and Stable to measure 14” x 20” or 10“x 21.5” for a short and fat basket.


3. Start by spray-basting the piece of Soft and Stable to the wrong side of the outside fabric piece. Using longest length on sewing machine, baste stitch around the outside part just to hold the two layers together.

4. Fold outside piece in half, right sides together so that it will measure approximately 14” x 10“ (tall and skinny) or 5” x 10.75“ (short and fat).

5. Sew down the right side, creating a tube. Use a 1/2” seam allowance.

6. “Roll” the seam to the center. Now stitch along the bottom of the tube, again with a 1/2

7. Measure a 2” square at each bottom corner of the tube. (Measure from the seam and not the edge of the fabric.) Cut out piece.

8. “Box out” your corners by flattening out the bottom and sew across. Turn right side out.

9. Set the outside of the basket aside. Repeat these same steps for the lining piece, except leave a small opening at the bottom of the lining so you can turn it right side out later.

10. Place the outside basket inside the lining basket with right sides facing. Align top edge of basket together. Pin. Sew in place.

11. Pull basket through the opening left in the lining. Sew the opening closed and push lining back into basket.

12. Sew a 1/4” finishing seam around the top of the basket.

13. Fold lining piece out over the top of the basket to create the “cuff” of basket.

14. To make the bow, sew two 4” x 10” pieces of fabric right sides together (from earlier).

stocking craft15. Sew along each long side, creating a tube.

16. Turn tube right side out. Fold in half, so it measures 5” x 3-1/2”. Sew down the right side where the raw edges come together.

17. Move the seam to the back middle of the bow.

18. Pinch in the center and tie with a bow (or you can use leftover 2” x 4” scrap from lining fabric to make the tie in the middle, too!).

19. Place on cuff of basket and hand-stitch on.