The Schramm Family

Jenny Mathews, contributing writer 

Dr. David Schramm or “Dr. Dave” is an Assistant Professor and Family Life Extension Specialist in the Department of Family, Consumer and Human Development at Utah State University. He and his wife, Jamie, share their experience and wisdom on how to make real connections in marriage and family relationships, create meaningful rituals rather than routines, and laugh about what it’s like to be married to a marriage expert! Parents to four children, including three teenage daughters, the Schramms confess that there are plenty of times when even they make mistakes, but that the key is that genuine connection and trust we cultivate in relationships and the effort we make to keep trying — focusing on people rather than problems.

Dr. Dave discusses with us advice for husbands, wives, and parents on such topics as talking to your kids about sex, understanding your partner better, non-traditional families, and strategic parenting strategies. He also lays out some of the warning signs that your child or your marriage may need some intervention and shares many of the resources available locally and online. For more information, visit or

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