Jenny Mathews

Contributing Writer

The moment Esterlee Molyneux walked through the doors of The Family Place 24 years ago she knew she was home. She began as a volunteer and now is the organization’s executive director.

“The Family Place is for families!” Esterlee explains that anyone can access the many services they provide at little or no cost, including emergency child care, counseling, therapy, positive parenting, mental health, first-aid courses, and more. The Family Place helps those in crisis by taking in children who have been lost, abused, or neglected, or whose family members are terminally ill or in other heart-breaking situations.

Esterlee says her job has given her the opportunity witness the best of people in Cache Valley first hand. Those who come together to help counterbalance the heartbreak she sees.

She challenges each of us to always always choose to be kind and to know that each one of us has the power within ourselves to make a difference.


To support The Family Place, visit their website,, and follow them on social media. Select The Family Place as your charity when you shop at, or even just grab an extra jar of peanut butter or box of fruit snacks at the store each week to donate.

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