Megan Ostler

Michelle Alley

Jenny Mathews, contributing writer 

In this episode, we interview two local moms, Megan Ostler and Michelle Alley. Megan is a dietitian, and Michelle is a nutritionist. Both are passionate about food and work for iFIT. One day while at work, they had an idea to test out some of the more popular diets and share their journey on the iFIT blog. The six diets they’re testing are as Whole 30, Ketogenic, Paleo, Vegan, Mediterranean, and a cleanse. Along with tracking their weight and evaluating all the pros and cons of each diet, Megan and Michelle have decided to track their feelings, behaviors and thoughts in an effort to test their theory that dieting can sometimes cause an unhealthy relationship with food and sometimes even risky thoughts and behaviors. In this episode, we discuss how to have a healthy mindset about food, weight, intuitive eating and more. They share some fantastic advice on the food struggle with children and how to reduce all the noise about what foods are good, bad, “clean” or “junk.” You can follow Megan and Michelle’s progress and more at

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