Derek and Whitley Davis

Emily Buckley, editor in chief

When asked who she would trade places with if she could, Whitley Davis really tried to think of someone, but couldn’t. So, later in the interview, when she said her life epiphany is to enjoy the moment she is in and embracing it for what it is, not looking forward to the next thing, she seemed totally authentic.

Actually, Whitley and her husband, Derek, are all kinds of authentic, which some people could be skeptical about, since they make a living acting (i.e., as live stage performers with Pickleville Playhouse and teaching musical theatre classes at their own Davis Academy). But, after spending just an hour with them, it was obvious that the love they share for each other, for their baby, Dorothy, for their extended families, for their jobs, for travel, and for life itself, is pure and joyful. Listen to this episode of Breakfast Epiphanies and see exactly what I mean; I was better for sitting in the interview, and I think you’ll be better for listening.

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