Ella’s Park will be the first all-inclusive playground in Richmond where children of all abilities can play in a safe and welcoming environment.

Jennifer Campbell, project coordinator, said this project was inspired by three-year-old Ella, who has been blind since birth. She said this new park will give children, like Ella, a place to interact and play with other children.“Every child should have the gift of play,” Jennifer said. “They should have a place for them regardless of any disability.”

Ella’s Park will offer a convenient location for families living on the north end of the valley, and will give children a creative outlet. The playground will feature sensory tables, slides, swing sets and much more.

Jennifer said the area will also be fenced in, so parents can have a peace of mind while their children play. “We are making it a safe place for your children,” she said.

The playground equipment will also be separated by age groups, allowing children of similar age to interact and play with each other.

Construction is expected to start in June 2017.

For more information or to make a donation, visit ellaspark.org.