by Marshal Garrett, superintendent, Logan City School DistrictLogan City School District Logo

Another school year is over. Our students are now off for two and a half months, but education does not have to stop, and truly should not stop.

There are a multitude of summer programs offered throughout the area that parents can take advantage of. The district offers some summer courses, and within the community there are also options from robotics and environmental camps to Harry Potter and art camps. You can find out about different offerings by going online and checking out activities for kids in Logan, going to the Logan Library or checking with the Boys and Girls Club of Cache Valley, just to name a few resources.

While some activities have a cost, there is always one activity that is free: the public library. Take some time with your children and explore the many options the library has. There are story times and a great collection of wonderful books. Set up times to have book readings with your children and other children in the neighborhood. Summer is a great time to catch up on reading for adults and it is a great pastime for our children to do as well. Keeping children reading during the summer will be a great advantage to them as they enter their next grade level. The more active a child is in reading in the summer, the better they will do in school the next year.

As I complete my 36-year career in public education, I am proud of being a part of the public school system. There are so many more options for families today to meet the needs of all of their children. Charter schools and regular public schools are offering a vast variety of course offerings and opportunities that far exceed what we were able to offer even a decade ago. For example, the Logan City School District, offers a program for students who are advanced or gifted in the elementary schools. Part of the voted levy funds are now dedicated to each elementary school, providing ongoing courses and opportunities for our advanced students to continue to succeed. We will also offer more focused science, math and technology opportunities, again with the help of voted levy funds. Our elementary orchestra program has been widely praised over the years for the excellent opportunities it provides students who want to have a positive experience with music. At the secondary level, multiple courses are offered for advanced and gifted students who want to be better prepared for college and beyond.

Cache Valley is a great place for students to excel and be able to reach their academic goals, both during the school year as well as in the summer. Keep reading with your children and working with your schools to help them become even better than they already are. Together, parents, public schools and the community can make it possible for all of our students to excel in school and in life.