Sandy Jones, contributing writer

No one deserves to be celebrated more than an expectant mom. When a friend or family member announces she is pregnant it is a great time to plan a party. Like any celebration, planning a baby shower takes preparation. If you have volunteered (or have been nominated) to host a baby shower, here are some simple tips to help you plan a fun and memorable event.


The first point to consider is when to have the shower. If you set the date too early and the mother-to-be later experiences complications with her pregnancy, it can turn a happy occasion into a painful memory. As a general rule it’s best to schedule the shower early in the last trimester (just in case the baby decides to make an early arrival!).

Guests Lists

Once you have decided on when to have the shower, it’s time to consider the guest list. Be sure to consult with the guest of honor. She will likely want to invite close friends and family and possibly work associates or other acquaintances. You should also consider whether you want to hold to a traditional girls-only shower or make it a coed event and include the father-to-be and some of the couple’s male friends. The size of the guest list will dictate the venue, so be sure to consider the space you have when creating your list.


When sending invitations, try to give your guests plenty of time to RSVP and shop for a gift. Be sure to include directions to the venue, as well as the date, time and your contact information.

Baby Shower Gifts

Some expectant mothers register for gifts. Share registry information with invited guests if this is the case. Many stores, including Stork Landing in Logan, offer free registry and the option for gift givers to put money down on more expensive items the mother-to-be may have registered for. “It is always fun to call expectant mothers and tell them their car seat or stroller has been paid off,” Jenilyn Needham, owner of Stork Landing said. Stork Landing also offers free layaway and a gift bag to expectant mothers who register at their store. As the baby shower host, you should keep a list of who gave what so that the guest of honor can send personalized thank-you notes.

Activities and Refreshments

Traditionally, baby showers are held in the afternoon with light refreshments served. However any time that suites your group is fine. Refreshments should take a cue from the mother-to-be’s tastes and preferences, and can range from desserts to a light meal. Games and other activities should be discussed with the guest of honor. Some mothers love party games while others prefer a quiet celebration and a simple opportunity to visit with friends and family.