Bonnie Hoellein and Ellie Mecham, owners, Bollie


THE FIT OF your clothes matters. You don’t want to hide your figure by dressing in a potato sack, but tight-fitting clothes aren’t the answer either. Clothing, just like you, shouldn’t “cover up.” Clothing should celebrate whatever uniquely beautiful shape you have so you can confidently step into your day as your best self.

We started our clothing line, Bollie, after being frustrated by not finding clothes that fit us well and because not all body types were being represented in the media. The problem wasn’t us. It isn’t you. We knew there must be a better answer for women— an answer that leaves them feeling beautiful, empowered, and supported.

A size 00 is a real body. A size 3XL is a real body. No matter our size, we are all real bodies.

Before we get into the fit of clothes, it is equally important to have nice material. Cotton is not going to drape your body nearly as flattering as lyocell. When you hear polyester, do you think of your grandma’s couch? We don’t. We have traveled all over the world and educated ourselves on the differences between high end and low-end polyester. Buying clothes made of higher-end material is going to hold your body better, laying over and concealing issues like cellulite.

We love ruffles almost as much as we love waistlines that cinch. Everybody is made differently, and we believe that should be celebrated, not something to be ashamed of or hide! Waist cinching allows you to have a custom fit. This doesn’t mean giving up on comfort. Waistlines are always changing; it is a normal thing.

High-waisted anything is life! Instead of feeling guilty about your lower tummy, highlight your gorgeous waist! We believe you should celebrate the beautiful assets you have, not apologize for the parts of your body that make you human. Wearing anything with a high waist, whether it’s a skirt or shorts, draws attention to the smallest part of your torso.

Arms can be a big source of insecurity. Does wearing an oversized T-shirt fix that? We say no. It gets hot in the summer and we don’t want to wear baggy tops. It also doesn’t feel comfortable or look flattering to have a restrictive sleeve. Our solution is capped flutter sleeves for comfort, soft ruching for feminine detail, and length that keeps you cool and breezy.

Loungewear should not just be worn to cover up your body. Most hang-ups with dressing your body have more to do with your mindset than anything else. Loungewear can have a huge effect on your mood and productivity. When you want to lounge, you want to be comfortable. We all do! You can look put together and fresh even when relaxing. It makes a difference for your mindset.

Clothing can empower. It enhances moods. There are different clothes for playing in sports, for intimacy, for fancy dinners, and for lounging. With the right pieces, you can feel classy, put together, and comfortable no matter the occasion.