Karen Shelton, new home specialist, Visionary Homes

As you skim your Pinterest boards, you realize you’ve barely touched your many ambitions: a successful dessert here, a failed dinner there and a craft that took much longer to make than it first appeared it would.

Then there’s that board that makes your heart race: Your dream house board. It has a master closet that makes you drool, a bathroom that looks like a small oasis and a kitchen where you would rather sleep than in the bedroom. Then, reality clicks in, and you think, “We’ll never be able to afford this,” or, “Maybe we can just remodel.”

Stop. Your worries will soon be gone because 2017 is the best time to build your dream home for a few simple reasons.

The perfect storm
Utah’s housing market is a seller’s market, which means there are several families who would happily buy your current home tomorrow if they had the chance. A market with more buyers than sellers is the perfect situation. First, with the right agent you should be able to sell your current home quickly. Second, because there are so many buyers, they are more likely pay a good price for your home. Third, once your home is sold, you can use that equity toward your brand-new home.

Rates are low (for now)
Interests rates tend to rise after the election of a new president, so the sooner you lock in your rates, the better. Builders work with preferred lenders to give you closing cost quotes and help you find the best financing options just for your budget.

Unexpected savings
One of the hidden benefits of a new home is the costs that won’t occur. Building with only the best products and latest technologies, ensures your home is as energy efficient as possible. A new home is also low maintenance — no furnace to fix in the winter, and an A/C unit that works as soon as you switch it on in the summer.

You’ll be home for Christmas
If you sign on to build by the end of February, you’ll be in your new home by Christmas. Late winter is the best time to start building.