Cami Graham, contributing writer,

You can see a video of Cami making putz houses, and see more DIYs and Cami’s full ColorfulChristmas home tour on her blog

I know you’ve seen them: small, unwanted ceramic village houses buried in the thrift store aisles, or maybe you already have some, deep down in a box somewhere.  Maybe it is a treasured family tradition to set up the magical village every holiday season — if that’s the case, don’t mess with tradition. But, if you find yourself in need of a fun holiday home makeover project in mini size, I have just the idea for you.

Collectors around the globe are increasing the demand and value for original German Glitter Putz houses or villages. These traditional holiday keepsakes are charming, so why not make some to suit your own Christmas décor? That’s just what I did when I set out to create the most colorful Christmas wonderland my kids would ever know.

I sifted through every thrift store in the Valley, and snagged as many ceramic houses as I could find (for next to nothing!). Don’t despair, I’m sure I missed some, and left them for you.  I also tried making some from paper-mache houses, readily available at craft stores and Etsy shops.


Once you find your house of choice, here are the other supplies you will need:

  • Acrylic paint in the colors you choose
  • Mod Podge
  • Glitter (I love extra fine glitter)
  • Bagged snow


How to Make a DIY Glitter Putz House

Get creative painting your house as colorful as you want.  Be sure to add some white painted snow caps on the rooftops.

Once the paint is completely dry, it’s time to glitter. Working in small sections at a time, cover the surface with Mod Podge, then promptly sprinkle with glitter.  Shake the excess off onto a paper plate.

For the snow caps and around the base of the house, press on some faux snow.  If it isn’t adhering, brush on some extra Mod Podge.

How to Display Your Glitter Putz House

Oh, the possibilities!  You could place your Glitter Putz House or Village on a side or couch table, surrounded by loads of fake snow and battery-operated candles.

Hang them on a Christmas tree, or tuck them inside some garland.  Create a colorful village on your mantel, in your kids’ rooms, or even nestled under the tree.  Gift them, hang them, place them, or play with them — just be sure to make them this season.