by Dave Gordon, DDS Logan Peak Dental

Are you missing teeth that you would like to have back? Do you have dentures that don’t fit very well and don’t allow you to eat foods you like? It’s very possible that a dental implant may be the solution you are looking for. Dental implants have become one of the biggest breakthroughs in dentistry in the last 100 years. They provide an excellent replacement for missing or damaged teeth and also provide an optimal way to hold a denture in place. Still not convinced? Here’s some answers to common misconceptions I often hear from patients.


Misconception #1: Dental implants are expensive.

While it’s true that implants may cost slightly more than other procedures to replace missing teeth, the value of an implant is in its longevity. The amount of time an implant typically outlasts its alternatives could be measured in decades not years. In the long run, spending a little extra upfront for an implant saves money and hassle in the future. In addition, we don’t have to harm the teeth on either side of the missing tooth as we would for a bridge.

Misconception #2: Implants are painful.

Not necessarily. There are many things that influence how much discomfort a person feels after procedures like this, but most of these things can be prepared for to ensure you are comfortable. There are two different options for placing an implant. The first is to simply put an implant in the jaw where there is no tooth. The other is to take a tooth out and put an implant in its place the same day. In the first case, my patients report only minor discomfort after the surgery. In the second, patients feel no more discomfort than they would have felt from having their tooth taken out.

Misconception #3: Insurance plans don’t cover implants.

Yes, dental insurances have been slow to add implants as a covered benefit on their plans but more and more insurances are starting to see how cost effective implants are in the long run. It is always wise to check with your insurance carrier to confirm coverage, but you’ll likely be pleasantly surprised by what you find.

Misconception #4: Implants are a hassle.

The process for getting an implant involves several steps often with waiting times in between them. This is necessary to ensure that the implant is the best it can be and last for your lifetime. The steps in the process are straight forward and in the end the whole experience ends up being quite pleasant. The TRUE hassle is having to thread floss underneath a bridge to clean it or always fearing that your denture will fall out of your mouth at a dinner party.

The bottom line is that dental implants are a safe, effective and predictable way to give you the teeth you’ve been wishing you could have back. If you have more questions about whether an implant is a good option for you, talk to your trusted dentist.