Emily Buckley, editor in chief

My husband and I often joke that a family “vacation” isn’t a vacation at all. In fact, I say as a parent, that traveling with kids is a business trip. All kidding aside, traveling with children is a lot of work and can become very stressful.

However, if it is still a priority for you (as it is for me), to make memories traveling together as a family, this is my number one tip: Have fun!

Family travel really isn’t about the destination, the sights, or the activities. Family travel is about family. Some of our best vacation memories have been made when something went wrong, but we made the best of it – like when we were caught in a rainstorm on a hike in Grand Teton National Park on a trail separating a mama bear and her cub, it was stressful in the moment, but is definitely a memory for our family’s book.

Focus on spending the time with your family, not racing from one tourist sight to another. I guarantee that riding every ride in Disney World doesn’t feel all that special when you’re fighting with your toddler/teen/spouse/mother-in-law.

When you put your family first and take everyone’s feelings and wishes into consideration, trips go much more smoothly. If you miss something big, you can always go back another time — or not, but cramming more in than the family can enjoy will make anything you do get to do less fun.

Remember that your children’s idea of fun and yours may differ, so everyone may have to learn to give a little to make it a happy experience for all.