Why do we have to clean our room

Erin Peterson, owner, Erin’s True Grit Cleaning

The dreaded cold and flu season is here. You can fight back by doing a few simple things.

Get your favorite all-purpose cleaner and a warm washcloth. Go around and clean all your doorknobs, light switches, cabinet knobs and appliance handles.

Remember, hands spread germs, so look around your house at everything that gets picked up or touched with hands (i.e., remote controls, cell phones, computer keyboards). These things should be disinfected frequently to cut down on germs in your home.

When you are finished blasting the germs away, remember to put the rag in the laundry. Don’t save it to use tomorrow, those germs will still be there and they will multiply.

Fight the cold and flu season by making this a weekly routine, and remember to involve the whole family to make it quick and easy.