One Cache Valley Family is Growing a Tradition at Adam’s Acres

Christmas Tree Farm

Adam and Sara Burris and their children, Elijah, Alexander, Mary Beth, Isaac, Elenore, and Levi.


by Emily Buckley, editor in chief

Adam Burris, of Petersboro, has fond memories of childhood Christmases in Spokane, Washington, that were highlighted by cutting down fresh Christmas trees, bringing them home, and adorning them with beloved ornaments to start the holiday season.

“This was an important symbol of Christmas for my family,” Adam said. “When we moved to Cache Valley, there was a place in Dayton, Idaho where we’d go and do the same thing, but eventually they stopped growing trees and we didn’t have anywhere to go to cut down a tree and bring it home.”

Adam's Acres

Years went by, and Adam and his wife, Sara, would visit tree lots to choose a “fresh” tree that had been shipped in from another state, but it wasn’t quite the same experience, and it was a tradition they missed. So, it wasn’t a big surprise that when they moved into a house with plenty of land and began having children, they considered starting a Christmas tree farm.

Their two oldest sons, Elijah and Alexander, were only babies in 2008 when Adam and Sara decided that even if the farm only served the purposes of giving their children good work experience and providing beloved traditions for their own and other families, it would be worth the effort.

Adam's AcresThey began the process of planting trees that wouldn’t be ready to be cut for another decade. “When we decided to do this, it was hard to imagine it becoming what is has,” Sara said.

The Burrises grow Douglas Fir and Blue Spruce trees on their now four-and-a-half acre tree farm, and although they are only open a few weekends a year for cutting, the work goes on year round.

Their children, who have grown in number and size right alongside the trees, now play an instrumental part in planting and fertilizing trees and cutting weeds throughout the summer months and then welcoming, instructing, and assisting customers when they come to cut trees during the holiday season.

“It has been a lot of fun to see our kids interact with adults, provide a service, and help load up the trees,” Adam said.

While the older boys are happy to help load trees onto vehicles, the younger children enjoy greeting guests, serving hot cocoa, and selling hand-made ornaments.

“We just love Christmas and value traditions,” Adam said. “Traditions are important in families. They bind us together. This is a great place to have a family tradition and to feel the spirit of Christmas. That is what we are really trying to do: help families create a memory, feel the spirit of Christmas, and have a great time doing it.”

How to Care for a Fresh-Cut Christmas Tree

  1. Give it a very fresh cut (cut the trunk just before you bring it inside).
  2.  Provide it with plenty of water.
  3. Don’t place it near a heat vent or heat register (to keep it from drying out).

If you do these things, your tree will last through the Christmas season and beyond!


Adams Acres

Adam’s Acres, located at 7721 West Highway 30 in Petersboro, just off the Valley View Highway,
will be open Thanksgiving weekend (Friday, November 29 and Saturday, November 30).

Visitors can expect more than a tree lot when they arrive:
Christmas music will be playing, fires will be burning (wind permitting), Santa will visit, and hot cocoa will be served. 

Bring your gloves, a tarp to protect your vehicle, and tie-downs (saws are provided),
and come early for the best selection, because when the trees are gone, they are gone.