Leticia Shifflet, executive officer, Cache Valley Association of REALTORS®



At a time when things seem to be as unpredictable as possible, take comfort in knowing that you can find some stability when it comes to predicted home trends for the coming year! From layered design and natural hues to vintage and reclaimed finds, take some time to prep your space for change. For those looking to list a home, small changes can make a big difference in attracting potential buyers. For those without plans to sell, simple, deliberate updates can make a home of chaos and clutter a place of stability and refuge.

Owners and buyers alike are looking for homes that offer safe spaces to relax, work, study, and socialize. Often, home enhancements address practical needs, but homeowners are looking for the practical, with a good dose of high aesthetic and entertainment. Some of these trends include:

Creating spaces that flow freely from indoors to take advantage of an outdoor oasis isn’t limited to those in Beverly Hills. Many residents and owners of multi-family buildings are contributing to outdoor spaces that are usable throughout winter with the aid of fire pits and patio heaters. Outdoor furniture settings and placement create an opportunity for gathering, extending the livable area of a home.

While it might feel wrong to go against the idea of an open floor plan, it’s the right choice for many homeowners. Adding walls to define areas for guests, family, work, and living is a trend that gained momentum during the pandemic. When people were confined to their living quarters, it became necessary to have a separation of living spaces within the home. The most popular defined spaces include entryways, home gyms, offices, and home bars/entertainment areas.

While soft white walls are still a mega-hit, more people are turning to color. Earthy tones — especially shades of green — are making their way into furniture, accessories, cabinets, and tile.

Along with calming tones is a surge in organic shapes. Furniture, lighting, and architectural elements of a home (think arched doorways and rounded millwork) will have more organic shapes and elements inspired by nature. While bright and colorful appliances are in style, rounded furniture, light wood finishes, and heavy textures help soften clean lines and create interiors of comfort and belonging.

When it comes to furniture and décor, people are sick of waiting six to 12 months for shipping, which has shifted many homeowners to embrace the idea of thrift and vintage goods. This has also helped people find ways to repurpose existing pieces, creating a beautiful transition between styles.

As companies jump aboard the trend of using recycled materials in their products, the e-waste problem doesn’t end with business. More homeowners are putting priority on purchasing products that reduce the amount of waste generated daily and looking for ways to reuse, which is a driving force behind smart home technology. And as people spend more time in their homes, they are looking for  smart home technology to also improve their health. So along with replacing your bulbs for LEDs, don’t forget about integrations that focus on sustainability and health.

Stay ahead of the curve and find ways to add extra appeal to your home. Whether you are looking to sell or stay, creating inviting spaces can enhance your life while adding value to your home.