Jen Martin
owner, Reset Your Nest @reset_your_nest.

This week’s challenge

Reset your command center. If you don’t have one, start one. Every home needs a main central. Sometimes they get created naturally. Do you have a junk drawer? Where do your bills and school papers pile up? Where do you keep receipts and notebooks? Do you keep office supplies in your kitchen? Where do you charge electronics? If these items end up in the same general area, then that will probably be a great place for your command center. If these items do not already tend to gravitate towards the same place, create one! There is so much to share about paper storage and organization (receipts, bills, papers, the not-fun stuff), but for today focus on these steps to get your family command center up and rolling for the school year.


1. Identify the place in your home where things tend to pile up.

2. Sort through your pile and decide if the items need to be tossed, dealt with soon, or scanned/filed away.

3. Create an “action basket” for the items that need attention and put the “to be filed/scanned” items in a folder. We use a rope basket as our family action basket.

4. Create more files (separate from the action basket) for more specific items that do not require immediate attention. In addition to the “to be filed/scanned folder,” I have files for each of my kids (for past school papers, report cards, etc.), for receipts, a separate file for anything tax related, a file for information about my house, a file for important family info, and a file for blank paper. I let these files get added to throughout the year. I try and sort them twice a year and sort through the kid files at the end of each school year. We use magazine holders for files in our command center.

5. Assess the needs of your space and your family and be intentional with your command center. We use our command center for a charging station so all electronic devices are in the action basket. We also don’t have a junk drawer. This means that basic office supplies live in a cute water hyacinth basket on open shelves. Anything needed for a command center and family of six is right there. If you use a paper family calendar, find a place for it in your command center so when your family gathers to do homework, charge their devices, and manage the household, it will be a good reminder of schedules and upcoming plans.

Our built-in desk area is our command center and the landing spot for all things. The rope basket is our action basket and I go through the basket every Saturday to address the things that need attention. The key component to making things run smoothly for us is maintaining the system which is:

1. Sort mail and school papers as soon as they come in and throw most away.
2. Only put items in the action basket that really do need attention, so things don’t get buried.

That’s it! Is this something you already do? If not, put it to action and see how it Resets your nest!