Family With New Born Baby In Post Natal Hospital DepartmentCourtesy of Cache Valley Hospital 

When new parents finally get to meet their baby, it’s exciting, breathtaking and also a little stressful. Parents can alleviate stress of childbirth by planning a birthing experience that’s right for them and their newborn.

Luxury birthing suites

Many hospitals offer luxury birthing suites to enhance the childbirth experience. In these spaces, women labor, deliver and recover in the same room. These suites often feature jacuzzi tubs to reduce pain during labor, lots of natural light and plenty of room so moms, dads and extended family members can relax and get acquainted with their new baby.

One-on-one nursing care

Giving birth is one of life’s most special milestones. “Women benefit from one-on-one nursing care as they bring their babies into the world,’ said Christie Gaz, director of women’s services at Cache Valley Hospital. “[At Cache Valley Hospital], the nurse that checks them into the hospital may be the same one who checks them out. We’re a family here and we want to be there for families as they welcome the ‘newest addition’.”

Create your own birth plan

Expectant moms are very aware that they have options and choices when it comes to their personal birthing experience. Expectant moms may consider creating a customized birth plan and sharing it with their obstetrician and the nursing team at the hospital.