By Cami Graham, contributing writer,

NO NEED TO overthink this. Decorating for fall doesn’t need to include pulling out a ridiculous number of totes full of who- knows-what to fill your home with this and that. Making your home feel cozy doesn’t need to involve a tedious monthly rotation of decor to accommodate a season of ever- changing holidays.

Let me share my seasonal decorating theory which can be summed up in one word: Simple.

Let’s go through a few rooms in your home that can almost effortlessly be refreshed for the coziest season of all: fall. It’s as easy as swapping out some color, incorporating textures, and adding in some natural elements.

Deck or Patio

Decor can be edible! Make enjoying the outdoors irresistible by setting up a quick hot cocoa or apple cider station. You’ll have some good quality family and friend time on one of the best places to relax in your home: the deck or patio.

Living Room

I choose to swap out a few pillows and throw blankets for ones more suited
for the colder season. I love bringing in some cozy plaids and flannels each fall. I’ve kept it light before, but it’s great to look for warmer colors like mustard yellow, plum, sage green, or rusty orange.


Not a space you typically think to decorate for the seasons, but it is rewarding to add a few simple touches to give your eyes something new to look at. Swap out a few towels for favorite seasonal colors, add a new bottle of seasonally scented hand soap, and top the room with some fresh flowers or outdoor clippings for good measure.


The porch is a fun place to spruce up for the season and it can be so easy to do. Find your favorite pumpkin patch, bring home a handful of your favorites, and place them around your porch. The kids love it! Add a simple wreath to your door (I made mine for free using sagebrush!) and a sweet bench or chair to sit on and then enjoy the crisp evenings.

I hope these ideas give your creativity a kickstart so you can walk through your spaces and make some quick changes that will make a big impact on your home all season long.