Jenny Mathews, contributing writer

WHETHER YOU PREFER the sleek modern or a more rustic farmhouse look, this simple DIY wool wreath is a fun project and a charming addition to your holiday decor. For around $20 and 20 minutes, you can create the perfect wreath for your unique look to display in your own home or share as a gift.

Supplies Needed
Wreath frame
Greenery picks
13 yards of thick wool yarn
Ornament and embellishments
Medium-gauge wire


Begin by collecting the supplies you wish to use for your wreath. I used Yarn Bee Showstopper yarn in “Sleepy Sky.” I used about 13 yards (6 oz) for this wreath. After finding an ornament I loved and used for inspiration, I gathered the rest of the supplies: a wreath frame, some greenery picks, ribbon, and medium-gauge wire.


Make a slipknot in the end of your yarn. With the loop of the slipknot in your right hand, use your left hand to place the wreath frame under the loop with the short end of the yarn in front and the working yarn to the back of the frame.

Put your thumb and forefinger of your right hand through the loop while the other fingers grasp the frame. With your left hand, reach under the top of the frame to grab onto the working yarn and pull up a loop to the front side just next to the slipknot. Slide that loop onto the two fingers that are through the slipknot loop so there are two loops on your fingers.

With your left hand, reach over the frame this time and pull the working yarn up to the thumb and forefinger of your right hand. With those two fingers, grasp the working yarn and pull it through both loops. This is your first stitch.

Repeat this stitch all the way around the wreath adjusting the stitches so they are worked evenly, and you completely cover the frame.

After covering the frame with stitches, you should have the working yarn in a loop in your right hand and the short loose end from the first stitch to the left. Pull that short end through the right-hand loop, tighten, and tie a knot to finish off. Cut the working yarn and tuck loose ends into the stitches.

Add embellishments and secure with wire. You can use wire, ribbon, or the metal rings of the wreath frame to secure your wreath to a nail or hook. Enjoy your wreath all season long!