Mother nursing baby

Covered Goods Nursing Cover

If you are a nursing mother who likes style and likes getting a bang for your buck, this is the product for you! Covered Goods nursing covers are made of soft, stretchy fabric that wraps around mom and baby to provide full coverage when nursing. The stretchy fabric allows for multiple uses, including one arm out of the cover to provide a much-needed free hand and also be able to easily peek in at your baby. The fabric is also breathable so baby doesn’t get hot while feeding.

In addition to serving as fantastic nursing covers, Covered Goods can also be worn as an infinity scarf for mom, allowing easy access to your cover when you need to nurse, and they work wonderfully as car seat covers and shopping cart covers. That makes it a four-in-one product that is stylish and functional.

Covered Goods are hand-cut and sewn in the United States and can be purchased in a variety of patterns at